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Relationships are amazing, exciting, fun and incredibly complicated. Whether the two on you are just starting out or you've been together for years, relationship coaching can help.

Just starting out?
This is a great time to create a strong and lasting relationship. Couples that work with me learn to:

• Communicate clearly and honestly

• Understand why compatibility is as important as love

• Build a foundation of respect, understanding, and appreciation that will last a life time

Have realistic expectations of each other AND relationships

Experiencing a Rough Patch?
Even solid relationships hit rough patches. What can you do when it happens? The first thing is to realize that rough patches are just growing pains and the opportunity to deepen your love and understanding of each other.  Long term couples that work with me learn to:

• Let go of past hurts and resentments

• Become the people you long to be in your relationship

• Reconnect to the passion you once felt

•Understand your partner and their needs more deeply than ever

I work with Couples in person, on the phone, or utilizing Skype.  I have a variety of packages and prices to fit your needs and budget.

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